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Gallito, very successful Grand Prix Lusitano stallion

Gallito was born in 2011. He is 1.64, he is 3rd generation buckskin, his coat shines like 'metallic paint'. His genetic color code is AAEeNCr *. Gallito is approved by the APSL (Lusitano Studbook) and he is an Elite stallion for the AES (Anglo European Sports Studbook).  


He performed his first Grand Prix test in January 2022, under Hester Bischot, that summer they won the Dutch Working Equitation Championships level 3, and in november he became the European Champion for Iberian Horses at GP level, during the MCI Finals in Belgium.


Gallito learns incredibly quick, is exceptionally easy and is up for anything. He likes to jump, preferably X-country, you can take him to the forest, the beach, alone or with a group of horses, everything is possible, mares added, no problem! Like many Lusitano's he can be switched 'on' and 'off'. If he has to work, he will do it with devotion, if you want to stroll through the woods with him without a saddle on a long rein, he will enjoy that just as well. He is totally relaxed. Gallito descends from a line of famous bullfighter horses. His fearless character and sheer prowess are ingrained in his DNA through years of selective breeding.  


An exceptional stallion with an unparalleled character  

Gallito is available frozen  (He is licensed for Europe and is very fertile)​

Cost: 850 Euro (ex VAT),   250 pre-fixed costs in advance, 600 upon pregnancy


International delivery will be 15 straws  


Terms and Conditions

People often shy away from frozen covers

It feels difficult and more expensive, but in my experience it is actually easier and just as fruitful.

  • You order the straws and have them sent to your vet. She keeps it.

  • You have your mare scanned for stallion and ovulation by the DA

  • When the right time comes, leave the mare with the DA for 24 hours (pay for 1 day of storage).

  • DA scans her a few times that day, inseminates at the right time

  • You then pick up the mare again

  • It saves a lot of stress to always have fresh sperm at the doctor exactly on time...

Gallito's genetic color code AAEeNCr means that he carries a dominant 'alter' gene (AA) and a single 'dilute' gene (NCr). This gives you a 50% chance of a palomino from a chestnut  a 50% chance of a buckskin out of a a black or brown one and a 50% chance of smokey black from a black mare.  


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