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General terms and conditions Studfarm de Hoge Ginkel

Stallion Gallito 2023

These terms and conditions apply to agreements between Stoeterij de Hoge Ginkel as stallion owner and the owner or representative of a mare, regarding the purchase and the delivery of semen.



Mare Owner: The owner/representative of the mare. 

Cover agreement: The agreement between Stoeterij de Hoge Ginkel and the mare owner, regarding the payment and delivery of frozen semen

Non pregnant mare: mare that is not fertilized at the end of the season (October 2023). Written proof of veterinary is obliged.

Stud Fee: Total stud fee is 850 euros. Fixed costs 250, the remaining 600 by October 2023 (unless not fertilised)

Fixed costs: Costs incurred to collect semen, research, process, certification and preparation for distribution. These fixed costs are payable at all times (250€).

Transport costs: Costs for sending semen by courier. All transport costs for delivery are for the mare owner.

Delivery Semen will be send after a written order (filling out the form on the website) and payment of fixed costs (250€).



Breeding conditions

  • Gallito supplies EU certified frozen semen . 

  • The mare owner has taken note of the payment and general terms and conditions and has agreed to them. Delivery after payment of the fixed costs.

  • Frozen semen is available all year round

  • The mare owner informs Stud Farm De Hoge Ginkel when the mare is in foal.

  • If the mare is sold during the breeding season, the ex-mare owner remains obliged to pay the stud fee at all times.

  • The certificate of breeding and the transfer to the respective breeding organization will only take place once all costs have been paid.

  • Stud farm de Hoge Ginkel works in cooperation of  SWS station Lauw van Vliet, Holstud and Hippo express. They naturally strive for timely delivery of the semen. Order in time!

Order and send procedure

  • The fixed costs of 250 euros must be paid before delivery. You will receive an invoice for this by mail and a digital payment request

  • Frozen semen can be ordered at any time. You hope too sell you a 'pregnancy'. We therefor supply 15 straws at first order to control the cost of international transportation. The remaining straws can only be used in consecutive years, after paying the fixed costs again. You will then again receive a certificate of breeding.

Stud fee and additional costs

  • Stud fee 850 euros

  • Fixed costs 250 euros, to be paid in advance.

  • Remaining costs:

  • 600 euros, to be paid upon pregnancy in October.

  • Non-fertilization declarations from an officially recognised veterinarian must be submitted before 1 October 2023. Only then does the payment obligation lapse.

  • Courier transport costs are always at the expense of the mare owner

Frozen semen


  • The semen may not be passed on to third parties or used for other mares. They will not receive a breeding license.

  • Frozen semen should only be used for artificial insemination.

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