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Marlies Reibestein

Marlies Reibestein

Marlies used to be an international event rider, a show jumper, is now active as a dressage rider. She has   bred warmblood horses. For several years now she is involved in  Iberian horses.  

Marlies has been on the board of the Dutch Equestrian Federation (KNHS), and on their behalf on the board of the World Championships for Young Horses and she is a member of The Equestrian Innovative Platform 

Robert Reibestein

Robert Reibestein

Robert has had a long  career  in corporate life and can now, at his leisure, worry about the business of the Stud Farm. He enjoys the  horses, their progress, their beauty and being outdoors. Robert and Marlies have four grown children who all live in Amsterdam

Elvira & Henk

Elvira Snijder is a central power in the stable. For years! Elvira has been here for almost 14 years and the horses couldn't be in more trusted hands. She oversees the welfare of the young pregnant mares, takes them hacking in he woods and she'll attend to all the  the deliveries.

Henk van Essen is a landscape gardener and supervises the maintenance and repair of all buildings and installations on the site.

Without them there would be no

Stud Farm de Hoge Ginkel!

Henk en Elvira.jpg

The dogs

Thor, Fitch and Patch guard the grounds. They are big, busy and very present but also very sweet, we couldn't do without them. Give us a call in advance that you are coming, so we can monitor their correct behavior....

Deense Doggen
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